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Food & Drink Tours in Normandy

France is famous for its Gastronomy and Normandy, in particular, is renowned for its rural, agricultural way of life with a host of famous appellations: escalope à la Normande, mussels à la crème, tripe à la Normande, Calvados and much more!

If Food and Drink excites you, then one of these special tours would be a lifetime memory. They are typically for guests between four and eight and last generally three nights. 

Below is a list of packages that are on offer, each activity consisting of different choices:

Package 1

Visiting the Vivaries

This is where live Shellfish are landed and stored.

It is located near Mont-Saint-Michel, you will have the opportunity to buy fresh and direct from local fisherman, your choice of Lobster, Crab, Mussels, Oysters etc. 

Bringing home your catch, you will experience your meal being prepared, cooked and served for you. This package allows you to learn how to cook, pick and eat Fruit-Der-Mer. 

Package 2

Visiting a famous Creamery or Artisan Cheese Maker.


This tour will help you understand the differences between Brie and Camembert and learn why cheese is such a thriving business in Normandy.

The tour will also include a visit to the local Calvados Distillery, Coquerel Distillery, where you can sample cider, gin and of course Calvados with local cheese to pair! 

Package 3

Searching out local producers and growers of garlic, artichokes, shallots, sausages and local delicacies. 

A tour for those with a sweet tooth, visiting a biscuiterie or artisan pâtissière. 

To learn more about the Food and Drinks Tours, please contact us directly at or send a message through on our direct message link on the contact page!

How to Book

The way to book a visit to the Maison Des Rêves is by visiting and selecting the required dates you intend to visit and stay with us! We are not seasonal, so the accommodation is welcome to guests all year round!

To enquire about one of these tours and to learn more information, please visit the contact page to find out how to contact us! Any questions or information needed about this offering, we are more than happy to help!

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